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To borrow an ox put

Through a bay, on the road is a piece of ground peanuts, way below is a meadow. Go back to the Bay Hill Road, only half a piece of ground peanuts, road outside only half grass. Peanuts in a middle-aged couple was squatting in the peanut pulling, a head of cattle young grass are eating grass.
Looking at the top couple underneath the cow, how does not step down, stood up, looked for a moment, husband and wife edge peanut pulling edge grumbled, I do not know what is in this strange people see them pull peanuts or want some pluck them really bad opening peanut.
Ah. The focus to look down up cattle grazing. Actually, I want to borrow this cow on. How can I say this thing? The strong ox, was pulling a cart up to the mountain, later it will pull a cart peanut back, now owners only peanut pulling, didn't it, it will take one's ease, heart and soul eating this grass, its nose to tie a long rope, a head is firmly tied to a strong grassroots, make it reach the edge of the field of corn forest.
All being arranged a compromise properly when, how would I do that to the Lord, I will putThis cow? If the cow tied to no grass place, if cattle without rope, at any time will run in the past to eat crops, I would have reason to say,http://www.adidaswingsfr.com/, I am come to help put a moment, can not say they will appreciate me, but now say that they will, woe is me.
I can't open my mouth from time to time, but with the back block incoming forecast look, look, listen to see cattle grazing cattle graze sound. I Mai Bukai steps. Cattle with its white and incisors, put a pinch of snapped off weeds, grass stubble immediately sends out the weeds aromatic, the aroma of rich the taste of childhood.
Niu Chicao looks very dedicated, like hungry people get a bowl of delicious food, receive readily, raise head swallow chewing grass. It sounds very nice,Adidas Jeremy Scott Teddy Bear,Adidas Mickey Mouse oh, like people chew very sweet vegetables. Cattle on grass against study voice is the most beautiful, stomach growling been ringing, digestion is good.
The Niu Tiantian labor day, slave, cattle are the most frequently the most tired animal, so God let the cow has a good appetite, let it eat sleep soundly. My teeth than its benefit, I can bite meat, but chewing out its pleasant sound.
I eat more than it is good,Adidas Wings, but often tasteless. I eat than it was fine, but my intestines are often reluctant to work. Only now that I'm no stem and has to do slave labor, so the stomach also changed.
At the cattle eat grass like cattle grazing, listen voice, my Mai Bukai steps. Step on the footsteps of the greater reason is, in the fragrant grass, I saw a large wildflower grass slopes, grassy slopes backs on to a high mountain, facing the blue sky and white clouds, facing the river, facing the wind, the bees, in the butterfly, brush brush grass are over a row of green wave, wow flowers take a palm.
It all just to see is a all these silly little girl, and the girl side head grazing small cattle. This used to be a master of art life of a solitary painting, be above, I took great blessing once had,Adidas with Wings, but I lost it, since lost this painting,www.nikeairfoamposite1.com &quot, there is unlimited loss and regret.
This loss and regret in each see cattle grazing time,Adidas Bones we can really help you achieve all, will be slightly offset a little, but with even more loss and regret. " bovine and human is one of the most emotional." it was whoThat? Oh, is a road which peanut pulling wife said, she spoke, see me imperceptibly to pull the rope tied to cattle, I hurried identity nodded, see I like her cattle, she began to talk, saying her cattle more obedient how good how hard,Jeremy Scott Adidas Wings, to understand human language and so on.
I took the opportunity to say, I can hold your cattle grazing for a while? She ha laughed and said: " you want to put my cattle, although go. I heard this word, heart filled with gratitude and jo

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