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The dealer's type, a handicap special phenomenon analysis

In 1 ,before closing instant pull high MMM in the close the day before the half a minute suddenly a big pay, plus a few angle even 1 yuan,a few yuan the price to high .Objective: the makers of funds ,to save money and make the closing price in a high position or breakthrough has strong resistance to the pivotal price city ,&quot ;&quot ,surprise attack ;instant pull high.
If a unit price of 10 yuan ,the banker wants to enable it to close at 10.8 yuan ,if the stock price rises to $10.8 in morning,in order to maintain high prices in 10.8 yuan to close, be in 10.
8 yuan of the following next large selling disc ,needed funds must be great . And the city of &quot ;on &quot ;because most people have not yet come, is also close to react ,cannot sell .
Therefore making arrangements and to achieve purpose. 2,before closing at mmm the next moment in close the day before half a minute suddenly appeared a big selling single ,reduce the price of the stock up great thrown ,to lower .
Objective: A ,make K-line form barefoot big line or cross star or line is &quot ;ugly &quot ;graphics ,so that shareholders fear to Zhencang destination.B ,the very next day to open and rose among the list of attracting the attention of investors increases ,.
C ,trader Hand stock low price sell oneself or related people .Do opened for.1 ,instantly opened sharply higher MMM opened to trading or greatly increases high .Instant and fall .Objective: A ,a key breakthrough price ,dealer doesn because red caused by others to follow suit, so make line .
There is also a .B Xichou ,Zhencang effect one way .C ,try the plate movement ,try the above selling is heavy. 2,instant opened sharply lower MMM opened to limit or great decline low .
Objective: A ,.B ,shipped to close out the sun so that the graphics look .C ,Caopan hand to sell low-cost chips themselves or related people .After substantially instantaneously pulled up or down .
Similar to the former ,mainly in order to make long ,under the shadow of .1,substantially instantaneously pulled MMM intraday trading to large increases a pulled high ,Nike Air Formposite One Shoes,instant and fall . Objective: to try the plate movement ,try the above selling is heavy.
2,substantially instantaneous pressure MMM plate to limit or large decreases in a play low ,instantaneous rebounded .Objective: A ,try the plate movement ,try beneath the flange support force and market focus .
B ,Caopan hand to sell low-cost chips themselves or contact .C ,make long under the shadow ,so that the graphics look better ,attract investors .D ,making funds Insufficient ,dished portion after the stock funds with return for fishing .
&quot ;&quot ;line in a real-time trend ,started basically maintain a slope up ,then linear sharply diving ,form similar to a &quot fishing rod and fishing ;&quot ;&quot & quot ;line ;the graphics .
Banker to the inverted to high and attract to follow suit and is suddenly reduced several price throw huge selling single by connecting disc ,if not much, give the number of goods, the dealer may still be pulled back, and out in a long time no sale .
As Zhuang Jiaquan wire disk or a plurality of chips stuck at the top .Buying office amplification .This often pay money makers not strong performance ,in an attempt to attract retail buying ,the price higher .
After analyzing the crops before the action ,should first understand the makers of types ,different types of the dealer ,trader way is different. The need to point ,makers of the level difference is bigger also ,the low levels of stock or not to participate in it .
According to the operation period can be divided into short-term and long-term Zhuang Zhuang Zhuang ,midline ;according to the direction and amplitude can be divided into strong and weak Zhuang Zhuang ;according to the stock market go situation and relationship can be divided into homeopathy Zhuang Zhuang and market trends ;root According to the banker to do disk smoothly or not can be divided into profit and quilt Zhuang Zhuang.
People tend to think that a large amount of funds ,large amount of positions is the dealer ,the dealer is wrong. The required two points: the ability to control time stock price trend ;consciously and purpose is opposite to the direction of the operation to buy .
,also from time to time to sell to the price stability ;to sell, also buy to push up stock prices .Are introduced different types makers features: short-term makers is characterized by heavy potential price ,nor demanding positions .
Can roughly be divided into two kinds ,one is copied in the market rebound ,close to low when buying ,then quickly pulled up ,to retail also began to rebound quickly out. One is speculation themes ,a major positive news before pulling high chowhound or news immediately after the pull chowhound ,continued after the try for the rapid and quick departure .
The midline makers fancy is often a stock theme ,often on the plate for the speculation. The midline is often makers at the bottom of a period of Jiancang ,trading volume is not large, then with the help of the market or positive pulled high ,through the plate linkage effect to save costs ,then quickly inside shorter time outs in midline makers .
On factors are themselves beyond the capacity ,so the risk is bigger, the operation rises more cautious. In general ,rose 30% to be good .Long-term makers often look to the stock performance ,is the mentality of investors into the market .
As a result of long-term money makers ,strength of bottom air feet ,long operation time ,in the trend of morphology can clearly see the chowhound ,??,pull ,and shipment. The so-called &quot ;black &quot ;are generally from the long village stocks .
Long-term village is one of the most important characteristic is the position ,because the holding time is very long ,Acheter Adidas Jeremy Scott,are expected to rise very big ,so the dealer must be buy all the stock ,actually the banker also very willing to do that.
So ,the share price from the bottom of the date ,sometimes doubled ,but makers still chowhound .Shipping process as long ,later will be the price up ,which we should pay attention to .
There is also a formulation called &quot ;Long Zhuang &quot ;is a dealer in a stock is always not to come out ,back post .Strong Zhuang :strong village is the premise of positions ,positions the banker Lagar ,the cost is lower .
The so-called strong village is not necessarily than Zhuang Jiaqiang ,but for a certain period of time The trend of a stronger or the stock expected increases greatly. Weak village : the general financial strength weaker makers .
Because of the sharp rise could not withstand the sell-off ,so only slowly pushed up by playing to post ,Xipan ,price of the stock up .Because the makers of weight low ,by playing the difference can make a great profit ,so the cumulative increase and little homeopathic Zhuang that stock price trend and the market is consistent ,it is the high level of Zhuang Zhuang is its hold .
The market trend in stock market with no common ,is often said that the &quot &quot ;village ;village due to do disk .The market failure of the more difficult ,of course, some makers in Jiancang when the contrarian ,in shipments of homeopathy ,it also is the high level of good understanding .
Quilt cover ,quilt cover is divided into two kinds :one is a lower price than makers Jiancang costs and the dealer has no price manipulation ability ,the more miserable than small quilt ,cutting meat ,do not have to offer another kind of quilt .
Zhuang was due to tactics wrong or fry a stock clearly beyond the reasonable value ,resulting in no wind plate ,although the share price higher than the cost ,but it can not be honored .This kind of crops with the disc capacity ,by making the theme as well as by the market ,there is always the possibility.
We see diving Often fall into this category .The dealer type ,a special phenomenon analysis in the handicap of unpredictable changes in the stock market, not a set of correct technical analysis method to guide the actual operation ,to achieve real success is totally unacceptable ,but technology is again good, also is not all-purpose .
Most technical analysis method and all kinds of theory of the stock market, the fundamental footing is history ,from what has happened in the past ,to infer the market is or what will happen .
But for the short term like tomorrow ( the very next day ) the stock market will in the end how to run ,within a week will be how evolution, it is often difficult to give the correct answer .
The stock market short-term three two days trend variable lot, are very vulnerable to human factors ,sometimes temporarily detached from its inherent tendency ,appeared in the operation of noise ,especially susceptible to short-term funding .
Even the master ,are also often confused : is the market trend has changed ?Why appeared to beat all rise or down ?Who is buying and selling ?Big money in Xipan Zhencang ,is Zengcang or shipped? These questions correct answers are derived ,for your future business success and cast Capital profit impact.
It is usually in the form of K to judge the trend of variation of morphology ,but the daily sometimes brought strong man-made deliberate manipulation ,simple to determine the short-term K-line Yin and yang can not completely confirm stock future goes situation how, it must pass through the position information language analysis to finally confirm form judgment is correct or not.
To an occupation of investors, position information language comprehension ability marks set level ,can directly influence the operation effect. Bets on information correct solution ,will make us through the intraday stock trend and the stock trend features ,analysis of the straddle both sides of the strength of the power conversion ,thereby a good grasp of the beat and rhythm of stock speculation ,this is also the investment profit, especially speculative winning a key position information .
The main refers to the stock or stock index trend of time-sharing plans on the displayed information .It detailed outline stock daily complete trading process. It can clearly reflect the investors trading price and trading volume ,trading will reflect bets information mainly includes :the trend of time-sharing ,commissioned by the disc ,commissioned by the sale of table ,each into Volume ,price and volume transaction details ,big deal ,with charts ,outer ,sum ,the fold lines.
Of course also includes the maximum volume ,the lowest price highest region ,opening and closing price . The above position information integrated position information language limited to current data limitations and analysis software defect ,investors often difficult to see the real transactions ,in addition to the main use ,frequently do the disk in cheat line ,so that investors have wrong trading behavior.
In order to better grasp the stock running direction ,we must learn to read after the trend ,read position information language ,combined with a variety of trace together factor to make comprehensive judgement.
( a ) ,inner and outer disc reading in general the millepede software and most other software to bid price ,clinch a deal active buying called outer ,commissioned the purchase price of the initiative to clinch a deal selling called disk .
From its meaning ,we can be understood as :with more than disk set ,price bullish. Conversely ,less than disk is bearish .But in particular judgment ,it is necessary to consider the price office prices high and low position ,the current technology situation forms ,it needs to depend on the position outside of the kung fu .
When the stock price is in low rise early or primary litre period ,with more than disk set ,is the largest capital approach to buying performance! Such as deep house (000029 ),January 31, 2002 ,in the low 5 yuan in the vicinity,the outer of 1200000 shares ,700000 shareswere significantly greater than the outer disk .
Disk ,display a greater financial ??.When the stock price high rise stage ,is smaller than the inner disc ,is the big money on selling performance! Such as Konka ( 000016),the June 25, 2002 ~7 month 1 days,in the high 10.
5 yuan in the vicinity,continuous 5dayless than an outer display has a larger funds in out quota .When the stock price is in low rise early or sideways area far less than the inner ,outer ,regardless of whether the overcast line ,as long as one or two days to go ,are often big money ,really false pressure to step in and buy performance! In Youkong .
For example Jiangxi copper industry ( 600362,June 13, 2002 )in the low 4.5 yuan in the vicinity,the outer of 680000 shares ,1650000 shares.The outer disk obvious is smaller than the inner disc, was shown to have a larger funds borrowed days ??Zhencang??when the stock pricehigh rise stage or high sideways area is far greater than the inner ,outer ,but the price stagflation or city try for ,whatever line of yin and Yang,Acheter Adidas Jeremy Scott, are often large .
False ,true appearances for gold selling performance! In induced many . For example of Yizheng chemical fiber ( 600871),July 3, 2001 at low 4.5 yuan in the vicinity,the outer of 15950000 shares ,10160000 shareswere significantly greater than the outer disk .
Disk ,was shown to have a larger funds borrowed days land Jiancang AG .The next day, and the amount of line to Jiancang .( two ) ,big sale of a single interpretation .Stock prices rise or fall is by the main funds to drive, the main funds can not be a hand hands to buy and sell stocks, so the real hot stocks should be set in order to clinch a deal active stock .
Big single ,i.e. each transaction of money list. When commissioned business in the emergence of a large number of orders ,and the turnover of large single continuous ,it often precedes the main trends in capital .
If a stock long-term rarely appear continuous large transaction to sell buy ,basically can be maintained for the retail market, falls easily to go up hard .Generally speaking ,the greater the Commission selling market sell-off ,desire ,share price of bearish.
Commission buying more ,explain to buy many shares skyrocketed. Investors ,(1 )buying and selling one interpretation ( lack of ) such as a stock to sell a 6.82 yuan,only 20 handGuadan ,bought a 6.
80 yuanhave 5 handentry .The transaction price of 6.80 yuan ,turnover of 250 hand,and sell A decrease of only 15 hands,Adidas Wings,apparently the deal after the inverted behavior induced by a unit .
For example sold in 9.98 Yuan Hang 2000 hand,bought a 10 YuanHang 1000 handalone ,then continue to shift ,always sell ,buy a difference between the middle of a penny ,once the 9.99 yuanand not to eat hanging ,to display the heavy sell-off ,entice investors out of chips ,in order to achieve rapid Jiancang .
( 2),two ,three ,sale ,three interpretation .In the surface has big nose in three ,sale of hang ,and continued to withdraw ,last seen a big pay eat all sell orders, then share prices sharply up ,now main hand to show actual strength ,hand to follow the trend of pay, the two force to form a resonance ,reduction of elevated pressure .
As of 2002 Junedeep housing (000029) formed the handicap features .( 3),small scale Xichou secret :sometimes buying less ,buy ,buy two three ,only 10-30few hand,selling single and only few hands ,but greater than buying ,but often left alone ,and a is not significantly reduced ,sometimes buy SLR and increase, and the price is constantly shifting ,the main force at the same time to buy ,sell out .
Such stocks such as dormant in low ,can be as of Line concern ,especially in the market Ruoshi ,generally the main operation cycle is longer ,Nike Air Foamposite One,and more patience. ( 4),recurrent opportunity :to pay more than 500 hands and selling less continuous to sell a price being eaten up appears again after a single left ,and buy a not see increase it will reduce the price ,or even declining ,quickly hand pay will buy a patch ,but not large ,but in three has large hanging out ,once bought a destroyed ,small and quickly replaced ,or at large at the same time away ,price down ,two become a ,and now buy at big single ( amount of the same or similar ) and than is more than 100% ,if the price is high price ,it can be sure the main force is shipped.
Small buy big sell ,at the same time ,to go to maintain sales .(5 ),the downturn deals first, when a stock is long-term low fan ,a stock promoter ,selling .Hang out huge cast ( each often hundreds ,Senju ,pay ) is relatively small ,this time if there is money to enter the court, will be hung in a sale ,sell ,sell three pressure single eat ,as is the main Jiancang action .
Note ,the pressure at this time is not necessarily the single was in the short-selling ,there may be Zhuang Jiazi Their chips ,bookmakers in building capacity to attract attention .For example ,the ox China shipping development before start often appear this kind of circumstance .
( 6),Adidas Wings,consolidation of large when the stock on normal and stable running ,stock suddenly emerged after the Senju throw single hit to the limit plate near ,then it was quickly pulled ;or stock was the sudden appearance of thousand big pay and then try for rapid homing .
Show that there is in the main one of the test plate ,main downward zapan ,is a test in foundation of firm ,and then decide whether to pull up. The unit if a period of general accept line ,then pulled up may be large ,conversely the possibility of escape .
( 7),fell after a large stocks after falling ,in its buy one ,two ,three common to buy big pay to hang out ,it is absolutely to support action ,but this does not mean that the stock market bottomed .
Because in the market, price protection is the protection not live ,the best defense is a good offense &quot ;&quot ;,the main prop up the market ,to prove their lack of strength ,or can push up the price of the shares .
At this point ,the stock price often have declined space .But investors may pay attention to the unit ,the unit of the Zhuang trap ,once the market strengthened ,Adidas Jeremy Scott the way gossip about,the stock often Set the Thames a great coup in June five .
Special health biology ,will often appear this kind of circumstance, is obviously the main prop up the market behavior ,then the stock rose to 17 yuan from 24 yuannearby. (three) ,identification tool MMM are pen pen makers have a certain amount of stocks means the total volume and the total transaction amount the proportion of each volume .
Also called .The size of each volume ,showing that an active trading shares and the big money and strength size and turnover rate reflects only the activity of trading ,the volume of T are also effective to reflect changes in the sale of large funds .
A stock sometimes in the same price range the exchange rate is identical, but the sum of all have changed obviously, while the main means behavior has changed. In this sense ,the volume of T are having an insight of special function ,it is more intuitive than other position information ,more convincing .
1,when the stock price at the bottom of state, if a transaction appear jumped dramatically ,it indicates that the stock began to have financial concerns ,if each transaction for days at a higher level fluctuations and stock price did not appear obvious rise ,more large funds are quietly absorbed the unit .
At this time the volume down Does not appear to significantly increase the phenomenon. When we found this at the bottom of each transaction price and the stock price and trading volume appear obvious divergence of the stock ,should be given special attention.
In general ,when the stock of each transaction was greater than the average level of each volume above, we can think of the stock has makers settled .2,body makers into a village ,not profit is generally not out .
In Zhuang ,regardless of price is continued sideways or appears Manniu type climbing ,during which the unit is to absorb every deal makers are reduced or flat ,or whether the volume has increased or atrophy ,as long as the price of not substantially peatlands try ,all makers still in the disk .
Especially in the quiet city ,bookmakers to cause individual attention ,also often used to make certain closing illusion knock at knock ,and sometimes also used to suppress Zhencang ,if so ,each transaction should remain at a relatively high level .
Now used to judge the dealer is still inside ,very effective .3,if the volume price Dayang try for each transaction ,but not innovation is high ,should be particularly vigilant ,because this shows makers may be distributed and left .
When the stock price and trading volume of each transaction record but shrunk significantly ,also is the emergence of divergence ,village person must not fight, must be resolutely went away ,even if the stock price rises again a ride.
Conclusion :when a transaction price and volume index and other significant divergences ,should arouse our attention. At the same time ,in the stock ,in the other condition is same, we should pay attention to when buying tried to select each volume greater stock .
Because the volume of each big stock market makers strength stronger ,it will undoubtedly help to make you in a shorter period of time to obtain greater profits !( four) out of combat interpretation of contra ,namely the main use of multiple accounts at the same time to buy or sell ,artificially raise or depress the price ,in order to benefit from it .
As a cross bar continuous appear larger turnover plate ,and the commission sale after no the price bid or volume is much greater than the actual Commission sale after order quantity ,then the nive out of ten is the main force to knock for,Nike Air Foamposite Pro, if the stock price at the top is to protect shipping ,if at the bottom is more is to activate the stock dealer contra is the use of volume manufacturing to the dealer ,to attract retail investors follow up or sell.
Zhuang Often in Jiancang ,Zhencang ,pull up ,shipment ,rebound in prices using the secret knock knock makers means large exposure makers contra is the use of volume manufacturing to the dealer ,to attract retail investors follow up or sell.
The banker often in Jiancang ,Zhencang ,pull up ,shipment ,rebound in prices by knock .I think makers out of the way mainly has the following several :First :through contra tactics to suppress Jiancang stock price ,so that the low price to buy more cheaper chips .
In stock chart performance for the stock is low, stock prices tend to small Yin Xiao Yang along the line 10 continued to rise.This illustrates the crops in pull high positions, and then appeared to enlarge the volume and price continuous line down ,but the stock price falls is the dealer using money to go to depress prices .
During this period the K-line diagram of the main features are: the stock price is low sideways (also limit the pull ) ,but the volume has increased significantly ,from the bets when stocks fall each volume was significantly greater than the volume of each up or sideways .
Then each transaction will be maintained at a relatively high level in the low to knock loose ( because The user has to follow) . In addition ,the low makers more use splinting technique, both upper and lower all have large order ,the difference between the middle of a few cents ,while there have been a small pay chowhound ,its purpose is to let people feel the stock sell-off heavy rise asthenia ,and hand thrown in stock ;second : try for use out of the way to greatly boost the stock price .
The larger quantity by large crossing ,making the stock to market the illusion, enhance shareholder expectations ,reduce future the stock at high office when selling pressure ( retail and he seized the shipment ) .
This period of retail investors tend to buy feeling ,need high reported many price transaction ,looking from the plate mouth small quantity bill is often not easily traded ,and the volume of each distinct rhythmic amplification .
Strong stock trading has more than 3 digits ,rose quickly ,not falling feeling ,below the buying up soon ,then each transaction will be reduced ( because the contra boost stock prices, can ??again whenmore funding ,plus numerous individual follower ,so although &quot ;price volume ,but &quot & quot ;&quot ;each transaction ;to be reduced ) ;No.
Three :because wind plate Zhencang Xipan profit is more rich and generous, the dealer will generally use substantially contra Zhencang technique makes some firm enough investors out.
Look from the handicap after shocks ,the highs and lows of the turnover obvious enlargement ,the makers in order to control the stock price fell and with considerable contra quantity control of stock price caused by ;Fourth :knock knock Lagaodang after high Zhencang ,analysts have long-term good, price again with huge upside .
Then makers began shipping ,looking from the plate mouth is often appeared on the sale of disk ,three were larger quantity, and we did not see the sale ,selling has the very big sell the single ,but after the transaction, originally bought the one or two or even three on the bill had disappeared ,or reduced ,this is often makers use more subtle difference declaration method on some inexperienced investors trap ,who eat the is often makers prior hang sell sheet ,and then the dealer selling is often follow the trend in retail ;fifth :rebound after shipment out crops ,stock prices fell ,many follow the trend of buying small and medium-sized retail has been locked, turnover of Ming Significant atrophy ,the dealer will find opportunities to use a larger quantity of continuous contra boost the stock price ( then makers not to before hard ) ,large orders are suddenly appeared suddenly disappeared, because at this time to go up only for the purpose of making appropriate push up stock prices, so as to be able to put into the hands of the last chips also sells a good price mechanism for manual mainly: first pull pull is induced ,traded or not is not important ,is the key to induce others to buy.
Usually in second or third relatively large selling hanging single left ( general stock in a phase 50000 as a single,L-2 million for the middle ,5000 followingsmall ) ,thought that the bait ,make the intention to spanning the first second selling direct selling ,so as to make the price rise a price file.
This approach takes full advantage of buying a busy popular ,buyers without a few cents cost ,only to a deal you want shares the psychological ,calmly make shares &quot ;automatic &quot ;rose, the dealer will in the positions of the heavy time minus certain chips followed by pushing.
This single belongs to the unintentional transaction class bill. Specific practices for ,in second ,third and even the first buying ( according to the buyer popularity and fame ,hanging first Buying ) hanging in ,big, make potential buyers have no alternative against one be hung in the first buying and buying selling price ,pending transactions .
To boost technique there are many ,this is not the only one. Here .Go up by attracting type set to follow suit ,the force and the four two make clear ,do not need too much money to stock price rises more, and inertia upward .
Such practices to be on the market have higher requirements, the opportunity to choose well, ie jumped on the bandwagon to far outweigh the selling market .In poor can not be used ,if the market for selling to pour ,stronger than buying ,the bankers to take large order ,raise the cost position and unnecessary weight ,perceptibly .
Vibration bin :because wind plate Xipan profit is more rich and generous, the dealer will generally use greatly knock vibration bin means that some firm enough investors out. Look from the handicap after shocks ,the highs and lows of the turnover obvious enlargement ,the makers in order to control the stock price range and with considerable contra quantity control of stock prices caused by vibration .
Makers of warehouse in selling hung a big selling single ,selling many appearances caused .If the banker to fall down is unclear whether vibration bin also is the shipment ,but the key selling price ,great While buying is to buy ( were) very fast ,pen number many, the stock is no longer fell ,for vibration bin .
Many investors often on a handicap was be very much puzzled by some special phenomena ,here to give you a parse . One. Do close to 1 before closinginstant pull high -- in one day closing the first half minutes ( 14:59)appeared a big pay plus a few angle even 1 yuan,a few yuan the shares to very high .
:because the makers ( or the main ,the following summary) financial strength is limited, to save money and can make the closing price in a high position or breakthrough has strong resistance the key price level ,the city of &quot ;&quot ,surprise attack ;instant pull high .
If a stock is 10 yuan ,the banker wants to enable it to close at 10.8 yuan ,if the morning to try for 10.8 yuan,the price is maintained be in 10.8 yuan high to close ,be in 10.8 withlarge number of selling ,need the funds must be great, while the city attack because most people did not react, react too close ,cannot sell ,therefore making arrangements to achieve purpose.
for example :2/28,Jiangxi and Guangdong high speed ,3/19of the Minjiang Riverhydropower ,all in order to break 60 on average to suppress the collection of Zhongyang city a sneak attack .
Some other funds in the shares to calculate The net value of the fund that day as the net value of the fund raising ,had the city instant pull high phenomenon .2closingmoments before the next hit -- the day before the closing of half a minute ( 14:59)suddenly appears a single sold to reduce greatly the stock price is thrown ,hit to very low levels.
:A. to K formation of barefoot big line ,or Cross stars ,or line of ugly &quot ;&quot ;graphics make shareholders fear and achieve the purpose of B. Zhencang .Second can be opened and rose and squeeze increases list ,to attract investors attention.
C. trader hand stock low price sell oneself ,or related people . for example :synthesis of 98/3/24 600669Anshancity limit moments ,second ,three day trading ,then from 4.4 yuan to 19 yuan .
Another way 600714mountainsshares 2000/9/270681 Sue oftenfar east 99/4/2 ,etc. two opened 1 instantopened sharply higher - - - - - - - opened in order to limit or very high moment increases ,and then down .
Price :A. a key breakthrough ,Zhuang doesn because red and cause others to follow suit, so make line . There is also a Zhencang effect. B. Xichou way. C. test plate movements ,try to top selling is heavy.
:600313agriculturalresources 2001/4/6 ;0681Su oftenfar east 99/3/29 ;600725 Yunwei99/12/62instant opened sharply lower,opened to limit or large decline in low-opened . :A. shipments. B.
to close out the sun so that the graphics look .C. Caopan hand to sell low-cost chips themselves or related people . for example :600790Textile City98/11/17;0635national chemical2000/10/18;0409fourthree .
After 2000/11/14Gaokesubstantially instantaneously pulled high or suppress the similar with the former, mainly to make long ,under the shadow line .1substantially instantaneouslypulled up - - - - - - - in order to limit or greatly increases after a pulled high ,instant and fall .
:test plate movements ,try to top selling does heavy 2substantially instantaneouspressure - - - - - - - .Plate to limit or large decreases in a low ,instantly picks up again . :A.
test plate movements ,try beneath the flange support force and market watch .B. Caopan hand to sell low-cost chips themselves or related people .Continuous unidirectional big pay, apparently by investors ,while the large family are not so easy to buy and sell stocks and abuse of his money.
An integer number of large pay most ,but may also be zero .However that there is big money in activities such as pay or sell large single inform each other of their intentions ,like 66 In 6 hands ,555 hand,or with a special digital meaning order such as 1818 hands,and the general investors will never do the ?? .
Relatively large single - ?? smaller volume and does not substantially change ,generally for the main contra .Turnover of more obvious scarce ,at this time should be in Xihuo stage ,final suppress ??atrelatively large single - ?? larger volume and a substantial change ,is the main symptom of active .
If price relative and ,more generally as the main force gradually increase or decrease in warehouse .&quot ;&quot mm sweeping disc ;the rise in the often large fall from the day ,will sell Guadan continuous all phagocytosis ,is called scan disk .
In the share price has just formed long and prices since the beginning of time ,if found to have large suddenly continuously swept across multiple selling ,it indicates the main Jiancang investors aggressively approach ,is to follow a good time .
&quot ;implicit trading &quot ;mm in the transaction ,the price is not in the commission sale of Guadan appears, but in the transaction column appeared, this is implicit trading site ,which often contain makers trail.
One-way integer continuous recessive bill appeared ,and hanging plate and no obvious changes, the general number of main lifting stage Test plate movements or the distribution of initial activation quickly follow the trend set start position .
Generally speaking ,there are plate ,and a large number of hidden active buying ( especially large) ,stock prices do not fall ,it is a significant sign of rising .Under the pallet ,and selling a large number of hidden initiative ,is often makers shipped sign.
&quot ;the downturn of large &quot ;mm first, when a stock is long-term low fan ,a stock promoter ,selling put huge cast ( each often hundreds ,Senju ,pay ) is relatively small ,this time if there is money to enter the court, will hang in the sell ,sale ,selling pressure single .
,as is the main Jiancang action . Note ,the pressure at this time is not necessarily the single was in the short-selling ,there may be a bargaining chip makers themselves ,bookmakers in building capacity to attract attention .

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