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You should know that 2000 health details the second part 2

Section thirtieth : fourth series of health and health ( 6)activity of spinal anti-aging activity often spine can prevent aging ,the specific approach is :before and after : feet heel bend away from the wall 30 cm,forward bending fingers to bend over backwards to the crown of his head against the wall ,left and right lateral bending ;II :a hand akimbo ,a hand up ,the upper arm ear toward the side bending, lifting the finger and on the side of the elbow in a vertical line ,around the turn of practice ;the rotating around the heel :30 cm apartfork leg standing with arms out ,parallel ,lumbar rotation around 90.
Over several training methods ,everyday morning and evening each 1 times ,each time section moves repeated 5 times .Why said rope skipping can brain ?Rope skipping is a large amount of movement of the activity ,if one continuous jump rope for 5 minutes ,is equivalent to running 1000 meters.
Now ,people gradually realize jumping rope on Jiannao role .Skipping ,systemic muscle groups need to lower limb coordination ,bounce and pedal arm movements ,from time to time swing rope skipping ,waist must also cope with upper and lower limbs twist, so the whole body muscle group were mobilized ;breathe deeply to accelerate ,respiratory muscle ( i.
e. ,diaphragm and intercostal muscles ) also took part in the sports ,cardiopulmonary function training ;at the same time, the rope continuous stimulation of acupuncture points on the stimulated finger .
Transmission to the brain ,can be excited brain cells ,brain cells to increase vitality ,enhance the function of the brain .The bouncing activity and jump rope with the same exercise effect .
What are the benefits often shower shower ?Spray hood head can be called a &quot ;natural negative ion generator &quot ;when the awning head spray .A thin water ,will lead to generate a large amount of negative ions in the air ,when the water temperature is low the negative ion generating more.
Proved negative ions on the human body ,can produce a variety of benign effect. 1withphysical illnesses ,prolong life effect. Negative ions with sedation ,analgesia ,asthma ,cough ,spasmolytic and diuretic efficacy therefore ,to heart disease ,cerebrovascular disease ,emphysema ,neurasthenia and other diseases have a very good effect.
2withhearten spirit ,to restore physical function. Negative ions are inhaled by human body after body to promote blood circulation ,rapid elimination of fatigue ,breathing with the pulse of a rapid return to normal ,so that the mental and physical also gets very quickly recovery ,will promote the body growth.
3withaccelerate healing effect. Negative ions are inhaled by human body can improve the body skin tissue regeneration capacity ,accelerate wound healing by the Institute .Researchers use this therapy on asthma patients after treatment was found :20 patients under the age ofefficiency up to 98% ,older patients see efficiency of 88% .
This is any drug there is nothing comparable to this effect. The nature itself has a large number of negative ions ,but modern due to air pollution is serious, so that the air in the negative ion mass consumption so if people can .
At bedtime ,work, a shower ,absorb some of the rich in negative ion air ,for health will be of great help. How to properly wash a hot bath ?A hot bath has many benefits .As a hot shower in the morning ,refreshing brain ,was comfortable bed once .
A hot bath ,can lift the day ,improve sleep quality .Summer a hot bath ,clear the body sweat ,enhancing blood circulation velocity ,accelerate the new supersedes the old. Body ,make the body comfortable and at ease.
A hot bath although many health benefits ,but also some problems. Such as fasting hot bath easy cause hypoglycemia ,severe and even fainted .But just after a meal is a hot bath ,blood in the body surface to bulk concentration ,digestion and absorption of food will be adversely affected.
There are a lot of people Like a hot bath ,if in your own bath is no problem ,but in the public bathhouse big pool will be due to the water and dirt more adverse to health .Many people take a shower method is not correct ,such as :some people like to use hot water to the skin burn very red ;some people like with the soap again and again for fear that no cleaning ,cleaning dirt ;some people love with a rough towel to rub the skin.
The temperature is too high will burn the skin ,make the skin aging ,can also cause heat stroke ;wash with soap one too many times will reduce the skin defense capabilities ;with a rough towel to rub the skin ,will be the horny skin ,even cause a variety of skin diseases.
Hot bath can make the body blood circulation ,increase heart burden .So the elderly ,children ,cerebral vascular disease and heart disease is unfavorable choose to wash a hot bath, the appropriate way is the warm bath .
The thirty-first section : fifth series ( psychological and health 1)fifth series of psychological and health emotional life is the baton of a variety of emotions with our life ,they are different manifestations of our health status directly affects the passions .
The emotion is not only a person of the week Perinatal environmental stimuli to reflect the subjective ,often on his health plays an important role in the decision. Optimism makes positive, vibrant ,increase the body and disease resistance ability ,low depression will only make the decadent ,unable to get up after a fall sick easily ,or to the original exacerbations .
In a sense ,emotion is our life ,which can be derived from the medical history of the case is confirmed .The United States of Houston have a tumor specialist, every time he in patients before ,Adidas Leopard Tail,always talk in an impressive way to patients predicted good results ,and make them believe that: they will overcome disease.
He would also hold the patient brought in to see who had the same disease ,and has cured patients .Results ,in his letter to the treatment of these patients in the process indeed played a very good effect.
In contrast, the other hospital is a major problem ,the original hospital anaesthetists in men, has never been patient due to anesthesia ,and this time the patient is in normal anesthetic state ,operation is very smooth ,but somehow ,the patient suddenly stopped.
Later found out the truth ,originally, someone told disease before operation People ,anesthesia may kill. Thus ,mental effect on our how important it is .Many extraordinary figures in physical health was severely impaired when, with the optimistic upward ,and the struggle of life spirit and made people is also very difficult to achieve success, such as Zhang Haidi ,Lin Jian ,Ostrovsky .
Face the problem is handled in time in our real life ,there are more important things ,such as the widowed ,divorced ,retirement ,for work ,living and learning environment of change ,we will bring a lot of psychological pressure or emotional blow ,so that we worry or anxiety .
However ,these things will not happen often, we usually face the more it is many things. Do not look down on these things ,if not properly dealt with, it will give us a lot of trouble .Although things are relatively small, but small things ,if always trivial and heavy-hearted words ,eventually leads to physical and mental health of medical adverse consequences .
Studies show that ,if the person often is in trouble and sorrow of the vortex ,and stimulate the body response to stress ,&quot ;&quot ;not only accelerated aging ,and may cause high blood Pressure ,peptic ulcer disease .
People deal with things that way and attitude is very important .If we encountered things faces reality actively ,try hard to overcome difficulties ,for beyond their ability. Can objectively treat ,Kobe bryant olympic shoes If seen drama "Kangxi Dynasty",do not seek beyond realistic ending ,even get into trouble, often can be in a calm mood to face .
Conversely ,if the effort from the withdrawal ,but the hardtop ,will make problems accumulate ,very easy to handle the small things will become difficult to solve the problem ,it is not easy to handle .
Appropriate silence the benefits of modern life rhythm is faster and faster, this gives undoubtedly in which people bring heavy pressure .If a person only under pressure not to relax ,it is difficult to have a better quality of life.
Silence is a kind of lifting pressure ,self-cultivation of the good way ,and everyone has the ability to use the method. The so-called silent ,usually refers to the attention of the individual or the sense of focus to an object ,sound ,experience and ideas or to a training.
Its application aims to make people relax in spirit ,enhance understanding and arbitrary control of their mental activity level ,but also can protect A mental health .In fact ,in many countries ,people on the idea of function are generated strong interest, all countries have the use of ideas in the treatment of disease and enhance health records.
Such as China ,India ,the United States of America Qigong, yoga gas operation ,are put in static ,from the physical and psychological improvement the function of the human body .They had in common ,is often insist on keep a moment of silence .
Medical experiments show that ,through the silent method ,can reduce blood pressure, to bring the pressure resisting effect .For meditation therapy ,mental relaxation can cause the body to produce physiological change ,EEG Alfa waveform amplitude and frequency are strengthened ,the most obvious is the heartbeat and breathing frequency slow ,muscle tension and oxygen consumption, lipid will decline .
Practice silence method 1 select a quiet environment,sitting in a comfortable position ( but don lie down ) ,make their own produce a kind of going to bed intent ;2close my eyes,make their own quiet, maintain be in a calm mood state ;3relaxes the whole body muscle,from the foot began to gradually relax ,until the head ;4noseconscious breath Suction ,to prevent the scattered thinking ,Nike Air Formposite One Shoes,breathing can be meditation &quot ;&quot ;thus ,alternating with inspiratory ,expiratory .
Respiration is natural and relaxed, maintain a certain rhythm ;5lasted about 20 minutes later,open your eyes look at the time ,must not use the alarm or other warning device .After the completion of action ,to close sit with eyes for several minutes.
If according to the above exercises method insist on doing every day 1 ~2 times,insist on a period of time, the heart will become more and more peaceful ,loving his temper and irritability person angry times will be reduced significantly.
But attention is required ,the exercise above method not after two hours because the digestive process ,is not conducive to silence effect .Thirty-second day : fifth series of psychological and health ( 2)appropriate silence is good for health ,but if the practice is undeserved, also can produce a lot of negative effects.
There have been reported ,some people from practicing the silence and had serious psychological symptoms ,causes depression or schizophrenia disorder ,some even have the idea of Dutch act .
These negative phenomena and begins excessive silence has a direct relationship ,if silence too many times, each time for a few hours, then the mood will produce adverse effect .Healthy people sigh deeply sigh deeply emotional activities of a self regulation ,is beneficial to health.
People in a happy ,sad or worried ,thinking about it ,sigh deeply a few sound ,often can have a kind of wide chest Yu solutions of comfortable feeling ;people in panic melancholy occasion, sigh deeply a few times, and the a calming effect ;in work ,learning stress and fatigue ,sigh deeply a few sound ,can receive strong respiratory muscle ,improve respiratory function ,and mental effects.
Medical scientist pointed out ,people sigh deeply due to spit the sound different ,produce effect of fitness is different. For example ,on the average people spit out ,&quot ;&quot ;word Yanggan ,spits &quot ;and &quot ;word strong heart ,spits &quot ;call &quot ;word spleen ,spits &quot ;Si &quot ;word Qingfei ,spits &quot ;&quot blowing ;word Gushen ,spit &quot ;&quot ;word and the poetry reading for longevity .
said :&quot ;Yangxin is meditation ,meditation is to study. &quot ;&quot ;psychologist Lang Mushi said :as long as one mind ,it would not leave him. &quot ;modern medicine thought: the poetry reading on the surface is only visual organs and mouth movements ,in fact the repetition A brilliant paragraphs and chapters ,can make cerebrum cortex excitatory and inhibitory processes to achieve relative balance ,the acceleration of blood circulation ,accelerate the new supersedes the old.
In vivo ,beneficial hormone and the secretion of active substances .These substances can get the blood flow ,neural cell excitability is adjusted to an optimum state ,thereby enhancing the body immunity and disease resistance ability.
&quot ;&quot therapy ;promoting health of the aged according to the survey data show ,the elderly due to social factors which affect mental health accounts for 1 / 3experts think,accompany the elderly chat, &quot &quot solvable ;therapy ;elderly heart trouble ,is beneficial to health.
1 &quot&quot ;therapy ;brain mind can from &quot &quot ;therapy ;removes &quot &quot ;heart disease ;,also can increase knowledge ,get all kinds of information ,understand the truth of human experience ,life philosophy .
2 &quot&quot ;therapy ;can eliminate lonely as boundless as the sea and sky to Xiankan depressed ,can be thrown to be flung to the four winds ,make life more rich and colorful ,the regulation of mood ,broad mind ,enhance immunity to have profit greatly.
3 &quot&quot ;therapy ;can promote physical and mental health of elders and honor the elderly, the elderly ,include not only physical support and Care for daily life ,but also spiritual comfort ,it more often than the material on the care of more and more important.
The children can often for the elderly for &quot &quot ;therapy ;,can make old people in mentally satisfied ,promote people Writing diary treatment of depression to depression psychology treatment of a valid option is to use the heart pain through the diary in the form of expression .
The researchers asked a group of psychology students in 4 months,every 20 minutesaccording to the requirements in the diary to write down my most painful thing &quot ;&quot ;,and ensure the contents of these things secret .
Including masturbation and problem ,want to Dutch act and other heavy guilt .The results of some students to write while crying ,some anger ,sadness or worry .However diary eventually help them head down ,and get to know how to face these problems .
4 months later,polls show them in every students than before with a correct attitude towards life and mentality .In diaries should pay attention to the following questions :truthfully to write their own distress problems encountered ;write the thing itself and inner feelings ;want to write when he wrote ,is not With too much consider grammar and rhetoric are proper.
Talk to members of the opposite sex is beneficial to health in life, everyone will have depressed mood ,spirit is depressed. Studies have found that regardless of people of all ages and both sexes ,in frustration and annoyance at the time by talking with friends of the opposite sex ,can have different degrees of psychological comfort.
For men in the female ,the vast majority are good listeners ,www.nikeairfoamposite1.com,they are more considerate, easier to understand and appreciate the conversation situation and difficulties ;while the men in the female audience most sincere conversation ,many in the gay before cannot reveal emotions or cannot disclose the secret in heart, can speak in front of the opposite sex .
Women could find their beloved friends ,nike hyperdunks 2011,colleagues ,and some of the old straight to talk to his heart wanted to say. Pour their hearts out what effect to have? In modern society today ,everyone is suffering from life ,work ,study and family medium different aspects of psychological pressure .
If the pressure can not get timely distraction, easily lead to neurasthenia ,gastric ulcer ,hypertension ,cancer and other physical and mental diseases. Thirty-third : fifth series ( psychological and health 3) everyone knows something suppresses in the heart is very painful, serious may also will Biechu to the disease .
So we after all this how to relax ,relieve the pressure of each respect ?Is the simplest and most effective method :mind to say out .Indeed, their concerns on the human body has great benefits.
A research shows that ,in the talk to others feelings process to excess repressed material exclusion ,such as three triiodothyronine .It not only can maintain body balance ,but also can eliminate the oppression .
Visible ,pour out their effect is based on science. Japanese psychologist has more than 5000 women over the age of 24had made an investigation,among them there is more than half of the people happy heart trouble for a husband or a friend to talk ,to relieve mental pressure and ideology of the depression ,so the body is more healthy .
And another 1 / 3women,with the aid of tobacco ,wine ,sleeping pills to untangle heart the depression and depression ,so different level land had menstrual disorders ,neurasthenia and other aspects of the physiological disease.
Whether we have noticed such a social phenomenon ,it is in the longevity of the elderly in the proportion of women far Than men, and women like to confide in troubleshooting anguish has close relationship.
While males due to various reasons often put their minds to hide in heart not easily to others out ,or to forget about my worries .Often the past, bound to their health caused serious damage ,its life is lower than in females will be not at all surprising happiness health benefits .
Some people say ,laughter is the world most convenient to use ,the most abundant nutrition ,the effectiveness of the most magical green health products .Indeed, laughter is a joy emotions ,smile is the most beautiful ,the most natural ,the most good body movement ,laughing can relieve pain, cure disease .
According to the report ,one of the United States of America the reporter suddenly with a connective tissue disease severity of injury ,step forward dimension difficult ,painful. The doctor told him ,this is an incurable disease ,he will die soon.
However ,the reporter has not been deterred by the doctor ,he reminds me of a famous saying: &quot ;sorrow from disease ,happy to &quot health .;then ,he used a unique self treatment ,for a number of comedy film ,let the nurse gave him a day show.
He found ,10 minutes oflaughter ,the analgesic effect is very obvious .So he arranged to oneself life three Song :eating ,laughing ,sleep. 10 years later,he still miraculously alive ,and the body is getting better and better .
The doctors think ,laugh is a kind of spiritual exercises ,is to cure the disease medicine. Laughter is a good exercise ,laughter is one of the most effective digestive agent ,laugh can enhance the body and the body .
Long live love laugh is a common feature of the health care experts .,laughter is a similar to the in situ running good exercise method. The world famous writer Gorky said :&quot ;only love to laugh ,life can live a better life.
&quot ;there has been more and more people are beginning to realize the benefits of laughter and effect on health .Now ,laugh laugh therapy swept the world ,the industry also subsequently emerge as the times require - India ,Switzerland has a laugh laugh clinic noodle ,Germany match ,France has laugh laughter club ,Japan ,the United States has a laugh laugh school hospital .
Laugh which benefit to have ?Experts have the laugh of a special study, he carefully summarize ,enumerated the laugh ten advantages: 1tostrengthen the muscles ,cardiac rhythm ,pulse is accelerated ;2 enhancedrespiratory function ,so that the pulmonary ventilation increased ,due to the absorption of more Much of the oxygen ,thus can also play the role of static blood ;3 lolequivalent to visceral massage, make the digestive function of the stomach enhanced ;4laughter helpshealth emotional expression ;5laughter canbanish tension and fatigue ,improves the work efficiency ;6 laughtercan strengthen the liver and bowel function ;7 smilingcan make excess energy is effectively dissipated ;smile can disperse blue 8,reduce the social sense of restraint &quot &quot ;;;9laughter helpspeople and friendship ,helps to overcome shyness ,embarrassment and all sorts of trouble ;10 laughcan help people to adapt to the environment ,and optimistic about the treatment of reality .
Who do not laugh ?Laughter is good for the health. But she also is not excessive ,should not overdo sth. ,otherwise you may have &quot ;&quot ;and cause disease. Moreover, some people are not suitable to laugh ,as these were not suitable for laughter :1hypertension,heart disease patients with blood pressure will result in a sudden increase ,cause haemorrhage and myocardial infarction risk ;2 ofcerebral thrombosis ,myocardial infarction ,cerebral haemorrhage during recovery patients laugh can aggravate myocardial and cerebral hypoxia ,so that deterioration and accidents ;3 operationnear the patient to laugh The knife-edge healing will cause adverse effects ,even make the edge cracking ,causing serious consequences ;section thirty-fourth : fifth series of psychological and health ( 4)4 ribfracture reduction should not laugh again soon ,in order to prevent dislocation ;5mandibulardislocation history should not laugh ,laugh often mouth because of excessive ,easy to make the mandibular dislocation ;6pregnantfor more than seven months pregnant women should not laugh ,laughter causes intra-abdominal pressure increases ,serious person can cause premature birth or abortion ;7 hernias( intestinal) patients should not laugh ,otherwise easily lead to defective capsule is more and more big ;8the urethra oranal sphincter relaxation of the people should not laugh ,laugh when due to intra-abdominal pressure to increase suddenly ,may have to urinate or defecate to laugh ;9anus,anal fistula ,uterine prolapse in patients with laughter can aggravating illness ;10areeating when laughing easily make food into the trachea, causing cough drama ,even asphyxia.
Forget let your troubles in life ,will encounter all sorts of trouble ,frustration ,rough, and some even some misfortune. Blindly immersed in depression ,loss ,grief emotions inextricably bogged down in ,only for physical and mental health have tremendous harm.
Learn to forget ,look at the issue from another angle ,the disappointment Would be fun ,depression will sublimate into joy. You should be in the life indispensable health medicine. Psychologists think ,forget the life of unfortunate events of the past ,could reshape the new confidence in life.
If a person always cannot forget worries ,will be very painful. For the elderly people even more so. To make things look ,look thin ,pale, must learn to forget ,to forget .Otherwise ,stick to one lost ,is not disturbed, my heart can not be static ,appetite ,tired, heavy and difficult to live .
To learn how to forget ,calm mood and state of mind ,the initiative to a public occasion .In search of a new life, make our life rich and colorful ,and constantly have new pursuit and enrich the spiritual world.
The medical research has shown that brain activity ,according to the mutual induction law ,a part of the brain cortex function area of highly excited, could lead to another part of the functional areas in the inhibited state .
If busy will you hold on .Interesting life give you pleasure ,then ,those useless thoughts will be off. &quot ;daydream &quot ;emotion regulation in the waking state emerged with fantasy story heart Physical activity ,in the psychology called &quot &quot ;daydream ;.
Psychologists think ,&quot &quot ;daydream ;is an effective relaxation method .According to the survey ,whether male or female, &quot &quot ;daydream ;the contents are the same ,but every success ,wealth and romantic love .
When unable to deal with the problem, people will do &quot &quot ;daydream ;the United States of America .Psychologist Pu Kejie said :&quot &quot ;daydream ;content for the individual concerned about personal things ,because the mind is not affected by traditional thinking form constraints ,after over in one ,and the answer is batted ,often arouse expectation no solution.
Psychologists argue that ,although has not yet been completely revealed &quot &quot ;daydream ;and human mental health, but OK and affirmative is ,&quot &quot ;daydream ;,can stimulate the body system activity, to solve the trouble and suffering have some help .
&quot ;&quot content ;a man longevity for &quot ;happy is he who is content of &quot ;this proverb ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,many people may have their doubts, but the Finland researchers found in the latest ,&quot &quot ;satisfaction ;indeed contribute to extend his life in men .
In this study ,the researchers for more than 22000 Finland adults were investigated ,results show that ,the higher life satisfaction are more likely to live longer,nike zoom hyperfuse 2011 also has the hope place. Lu Xun to remember, but for women, their life and satisfaction are not directly related.
Responsible for the study of Finland university library the Huo Du Canavan said: &quot ;women cope with stress and dissatisfaction than in males ,for example to those who were not satisfied with the men most likely through smoking to alleviate the pressure ,or to drink ,while women tend to tell others or for physical exercise ,to seek a solution to the problem .
&quot ;researchers believe ,&quot ;&quot content ;refers to the whole of life and career satisfaction ,including specific hobby or personal interest can satisfy all people ,or in some cases will produce a sense of well-being or frustration .
Research shows ,on life satisfaction degree not high male death from all causes more than likely to satisfy high male two times. The study also found ,harmonious marriage life ,social activity is frequent ,often take part in physical exercise ,not smoking ,not drinking ,can be reduced to some extent men die young &quot ;&quot ;probability ,At the same time ,men life and life satisfaction are inextricably linked .
This study confirmed ,&quot &quot ;content ;for men is very important,Fall in love with another me, because a person living in the society is not only to make a living ,but also pay attention to their psychological and spiritual needs .

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