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Centrifugal force and cohesion

Whether novice or veteran ,professional people ,every hour and moment are not career Jianghu rules ,which, with a rule called &quot &quot ;enterprise culture ;enterprise culture .What is ?The enterprise culture is refers to the enterprise and enterprise people .
The company variety ,the size of the company have a small, the level of high and low, this leads to different companies have different corporate cultures. Harvard Business School professor ,the world leadership and change of authority in the mm John Kotter ( John P.
Kotter ) .Once pointed out :the enterprise culture to the long-term operating performance has great positive correlation. And another to write evergreen famous management scholar James .
Collins ( James C.Collins ) thought: the great company has &quot ;above profit pursuit of &quot ;and &quot ;cult like &quot culture ;visible ,excellent company .An enterprise culture has a persistent pursuit.
Regardless of stage of most enterprise still staying in the &quot ;united struggle ,truth-seeking innovation stage ,&quot &quot ;&quot ;enterprise culture ;as a kind of viewpoint of value was almost every enterprise mentioned, and a large number of enterprises in the recruitment of new employees The office has enterprise culture training ,in their future work have different forms of &quot &quot ;enterprise culture ;to instill .
Obviously, as a kind of viewpoint of value ,enterprise culture belongs to the ideological category. Enterprises hope to its staff to the recognition of enterprise culture ,and like-minded &quot ;&quot ;however ,.
People thought the most difficult and the most reluctant to be changed ,and in a plurality of times ,the people in the workplace ,are increasingly the pursuit of their own personality .In a tidy workplace to all corners of the country ,our thoughts ,dreams ,ambitions ,the placed where ?And enterprise culture encounter in the workplace ,can coexist with the wash ?&quot ;&quot ;or &quot &quot ;washing ;:Dutch halberd only hesitation he just graduated college students ,is a very famous company .
The company training in the industry is very famous, he and many graduates to join half a month of training new employees ,a day not only to the early running ,???????4 or trying to visit,exercise, but also to many lessons ,understanding of the company ,learning every day after you are discussed ,the next day and share learning .
Innocent small in and share learning experiences ,stand on the platform On the teacher say: privately, we will be your work called ;&quot ,brainwashing ;this is not a nice word ,congratulations to the teachers ,you do .
Although he speaks very sincere ,but in the teachers face is not very natural .After everyone together at small, said he too direct ,he himself also very depressed ,he entry-level lesson is to the &quot &quot ;lessons ;and end.
Actually ,in similar training ,many enterprises to instill the employees of &quot &quot ;enterprise culture ;,tend to blur not clear ,and other enterprises are very similar ,and often also in a forced manner to restrain employee ,&quot &quot ;military ;management mode of management of enterprises ,all surface not to say, but you have a different question.
So ,the enterprise culture in most of the time ,but is be form ,not only cannot condense employee ,instead generate a centrifugal force and vibration .Clothing :entering the workplace ,similar small such embarrassing &quot ;&quot ;not in the minority ,on one hand ,the newly graduated students ,new employees were eager to integrate into the company ,to exhibit skill greatly, to the future development of a very good dance Taiwan ;however the reality is not so perfect ,nike zoom hyperfuse 2011 fast response,enterprise in the give platform at the same time also gave some &quot &quot ;shackles ;,it is a very difficult to change the fact .
So ,decide on what path to follow ,is to insist on his own ideal or as a temporary compromise ,will become the new confusion .But ,like it or not ,when you are so confused ,that you have entered into a new company the same ,it has become in your life an inflection point.
When found not to suit, unless you have the courage to choose from ,or you can choose to work in the company for a period of time ,then ,it has become a part of your life can not erase the traces.
So ,when you have started your career and life ,http://www.airjordanjp.com/,need to do not detest the world and its ways and guidance ,but not how to perfect present situation obtains a relatively perfect equilibrium :the static under heart to come ,as long as not too &quot &quot ;harsh ;corporate culture ,you have room for manoeuvre .
Oneself is the most important ,the enterprise ,nike zoom kobe 7 watch,as long as you make the performance is good. VS solo dance :choose the narrator :Yang Guan people leave school ,enter the workplace ,as are many years past.
I in foreign invested enterprises Stay ,also in the domestic enterprises to work ,to small company ,also have been employed in a large company .Some companies are very loose ,can work songs ,late to early back ,of course ,you need to finish their job ;some companies beyond count restrictions and fetters ,working for two years is not clear exactly how much the system solutions in constraint you ,such a company strict ,rigid, overtime .
Each to a company, will be exposed to similar enterprise cultures, and my what one sees and hears is also found ,these &quot &quot ;enterprise culture ;there is very serious ,it may just be a coincidence? I don .
A lot of enterprises that are he is the best ,but at the same time that the company is faced with good development prospects ,now we need to work hard and perseveringly ,said to give employees a harmonious ,happy working atmosphere .
The actual situation ,you can imagine. It was there where the rivers and lakes ,workplace is like this. I always think ,work may not be a lifetime ,but if devoted his whole life to several enterprises,Nike Lebron 9, it unbelievable things .
So ,in any company ,regardless of its claim that what kind of company culture ,I just try to put their things Well ,take my wages ,not to think of how to get promoted, how to mediate in the &quot office politics ;&quot ;.
I think so ,such also doing. So ,come down a few years ,I am still a workplace free ,light ,eight hours outside of my own life ,also calculate is to be happy and pleased with oneself .But it cost ,until now ,I have no cause to its successful &quot ;&quot ;T .
My classmates are not ,he entered a fund company ,soon forget oneself ,Lianqi personality ,into the company, not only a good performance ,but also soon got the leader ,is rapidly go up in the world situation.
I think ,if he is a class of people, is probably the future can be called &quot &quot ;success ;that. And I and he ,perhaps two different life ,you can choose ,but I am afraid it is difficult to balance .
About each other stroke :is the so-called &quot ;turnip Chinese cabbage ,a love of people ,&quot ;in the workplace has encountered various problems ,in the final analysis ,it is a matter of choice .
We hope to have a happy life ,but the life is full of factors differ from man to man ,so also have different attitudes to work .But however ,in the enterprises Industry ,must obey the rules of the game, you don ,but need to comply with ,otherwise it can exit ;if you like ,you should use it to continue to walk, and walk better.
Enterprises always wanted to have a unified team ,each team member with business travel in the same orbit, so that we can have better efficiency ;this and we hope that their life plan and the reality is the same point.
The enterprise culture is hiding but test ,but in which we can still have the right to choose, to understand this point ,everything is not difficult. In :walk this path for most of people ,work this arena ,may be a long process .
The escape, because of the need to survive ;also can not deliberately against ,so just against yourself. Then left, just let yourself into them ,like it or not is not too important ,it is important to their own life is good business, have the ability to make better decisions.
Diligent ,good ask, deliberation ,Prudential ,resourceful .This five &quot ;&quot ;,is not only a learning method ,want to blend in company culture of employee, also apply to .The company &quot &quot ;visual rules ;,can find the company system ,process and job description to learn ;&quot ;invisible rules &quot ;,also is the enterprise culture ,to humbly to old people consulted .
Because they work in the company a long time ,on every aspect of the company is to understand the way how to communicate with them ,so you can go to a lot of detours .Work encountered difficulties or problems in doubt ,don go ,smatter ,but should be active and consult colleagues ,cultivate their sense of belonging to the company.
The economics graduate of Zhao, after graduation in a foreign invested enterprises to find a promotion planning work ,foreign company working fast ,strict regulatory requirements ,before the small Zhao .
So just to work ,he tried to change their original when reading the drag ,lazy ,not to stick at trifles illnesses, strive for in the shortest time to complete the work ,at the same time to learn more ,ask more ,Air Jordan 3,to know more about.
After three months of effort ,Zhao to work already is handy. He feeling the deepest is ,to quickly integrate into the company ,the most important is to learn more ,ask more ,know more ,but the premise is to master Good learning and inquiry time.
Humble act. In a strange culture environment ,humble act is essential. In the company corporate culture is not a basic understanding of the situation ,eager to show their knowledge can ,Air Jordan 6,do not let others tell you sit up and take notice ,but also easy to self-defeating ,give a person fail to show restraint feeling ,easy to produce disgust ,which is not conducive to integrate into the company .
The curve saves the nation :sometimes ,diligent and can not solve all the problems,Air Foamposite 1, ability can not guarantee your future certainly smooth .Russell said ,some people would rather die ,would not mind.
We the people in the workplace ,not should belong to the list of every hue .Facing enterprise and its culture ,young and full of dreams ,or sound and with us, all need to do .One thing when you cannot change and must rely on it, can adapt.

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