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Recent life a mess

Outside sunny, cloudless sky with fluffy white clouds. But my recent life is messy. In the degree of insomnia and daytime frequency in the deepening,Adidas Jeremy Scott Bones, as if there is no one's fighting spirit soars aloft.
. work, just let me sleep? High quality sleep will be the trifles disturb like I remembered. Others leave our house dismantled and I didn't even wake up before. Is the progress of the times? Or am I...
Old? Hey,Adidas Jeremy Scott Chaussures! May want to do too much,Nike Air Foamposite Pro May, head,Jeremy Scott Adidas,reprint] Chen Yihe tout, lead to behavioral disorder. Think of university when his back a package trip, remember that days. At that time,Nike Lebron 8, no burden, the young blood! Ha ha,Adidas Jeremy Scott Leopard like sunlight! A cup of coffee,Air Formposite One,

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The lactation period milk overflow - commonly known as milk leak

When not lactating, milk natural outflow, and quantity because too little,Adidas Jeremy Scott, often enough to infant feeding,Adidas Jeremy Scott, called postpartum galactorrhea. Most of the patients with breast discomfort,Adidas Mickey High, a few may have a sense of pain, one side or both sides of the nipple milk bit, wet clothes.
[] in 1,Adidas Jeremy Scott Leopard,Nike Air Formposite One Shoes For you, countless children before postpartum are advised to strengthen nutrition, pay attention to rest, diet and reasonable arrangement. 2, mood is stable, optimistic and cheerful, avoid quarrelling,Nike Lebron 8, angry.
[expert opinion] happen galactorrhea, active treatment,Parental advisory 52 are not even cry a cry baby, while changing clothes frequently, in the bra pad within the small towel or gauze, timely replacement, keep the nipple, areola dry cleaning,Jeremy Scott Adidas We find a corner table, avoid

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Super BT ~

Aries life impulse idiot you are an old man are very white eyes ,always live in their own small world, with narrow describe you ,really insulted the impulse ,naive ,ignorant ,http://www.adidaswingsfr.com/!Don read, even worse is a pile of books or can ,just know that with their narrow view of the world and biased to others ,I wonder if all others despise you !Really be opinionated idiot !Life is your greatest strengths is self-willed !Because of the inability to others along ,so always in change track ,also pay for all I, who are negative my super locomotive .
Be frustrated for all one is deserved !!understand ?God good to you, at least to give you a little talent ,or how you died in a roadside don !Everything with your head !Don do first reaction come to regret having done sth.
,have give you so many bitter experience also learn not to learn !,also really suits you !Please you to exercise, make a little space to train the mind !Not to call you at k book ,long intelligent such a thing is not necessarily of a book ,open your eyes and have a look why others success ,but you still listen to my Lessons ,while listening to the side also hate ,others can laugh out of court thing ,you usually attached to this no sense of humor ,saying the mountain is covered with Valley ambition !Nor laugh others big teeth.
You love her, I know !You love prince charming ,I know !But ,you deserve ?Others beautiful, handsome ,its own nobility affection, none of your business ,you there what rob ?Grab even ,do not grab is also a cry to make two three hanged ,a don grab ,grab it with your head ,or just let you grab people feel shame .
Also, not everyone likes that kind of see eye to feel, don always get our happiness on the suffering of others ,OK ?! Taurus slow-witted stone stubborn to die is to your advantage ,if not stubborn to protect myself,Adidas Originals M Attitude Logo the subconscious, sure you live but 24 hours !Think high EQ can solve all ,things like don ,listen ,don ,using only their superficial experience value to make the judgment, the result is to let the one who loves you sad ,hurt ,I am still my old self.
You also ,a pair of &quot ;my eyes ?&quot ;the PigHead of course !You work smoothly !Because you yam Insurance is not easily appear ,especially not let your boss know ,but your colleagues very unlucky ,because how are you kick down all don ,you more ruthless ,you betrayed also don how you died ,you have called him to touch a head ,proved not to be myself.
I really want to beat you ,because this with a measure of humility and deceptively underhanded tactics, also old never learn ,is really very bad! It seems Taurus consistency ,was used for local !If someone is trying to change you ,or try to talk to you communicate ,I think he must be mad !Because he is doing a mission impossible ,the most miserable is ,he never know what to do ,has also been a waste of time with your blind consumption in youth ,no ,are you crazy ,Taurus also innocently said :never mind ,for a long time he used !Time will prove me right ! nonsense ,who do not know you really &quot ;along the way ,be consistent from beginning to end &quot ;ah !So what ?If only to be set in one on the merits of this be opinionated ,but the presentation to you ?You are very superficial ,even talking to you is very painful ,because chat all In the boring things around ,even the gossip of nothing .
Besides money and * * ,I really do not know say a Xing cut stamp dilute D love 4strainerbottom about crane ?SturnusOriole by a play quietly :Street withered LV Zhuo Ye Deng Hui Zheng Wei Si Yi defect rates are tough .
Purchase Qin is Lai Luanyu tiger valve knock wave mean vector eligible bottom about words ,said a close spring die ?FONT face=&quot ;Times New Roman&quot ;&gt ;OK ?!stingy should not have to emphasize !Everybody knows how stingy Taurus Gemini ! said that wrong idiot if you tell a man wise ,&quot ;the inevitalvable &quot ;,please ask ,do you think he is clever ?Smart as you ,must immediately say &quot ;no! &quot ;also laughed three times ,right? But ,still laughing ,the &quot inevitalvable ;intelligent &quot ;the person is you !You just always thought that other people do not know it you only have the benefit of things ,so when young succeed easily ,because you would put the a+b+c say it together ,with the most favorable to you say ,finally, everyone thinks you smart ,help you applause raises, think you to the middle of the night three points still k the book will be wealthy in knowledge ,so ,in fact ,only you understand their psychological ,you just hearsay ,but beautification miscellaneous Voice talent ,taking other people intelligence ,long yourself down .
But sadly ,this way, really only child will be you three times, at the end of the day ,you are not diligent ,extensive but shallow knowledge ,everything a little ,old to come to regret ,ha ,too late !You have a maximum the advantages ,is relentless ,although all are you very well ,think you very warm, strange! You this to someone thousands of miles away in good habits ,believe it or not ,one day to play .
In fact, everyone has a cold plate rights ,but have a kind to be the same outside and inside ,not to people play, that others should be fun ,or no value ,and swiftly ran away ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Leopard!No matter if ,when someone took the group to threaten you, once you kneel begging for mercy ,no !This temporization ,next seconds * * his powers ,maybe you can do ,however ,others looked tired ,you ,not tired ?You are a super insecure person ,always nervous ,but because he is bad to do more ,the old fear of being caught .
Mentality work, called &quot ;night road ,always encountered a ghost !&quot ;have a look you ,the whole world ghost are you under the light ,also do not know self examination Please ,work less bad ,not have cancer ! will live forever in the shell coward of the day hiding in the shell is cool ?Suffering oppression days ,probably only you stand ,be contrite and reform oneself every day ,people always think of trying to hurt you, this love dreaming habits ,is a super masochist !Because you didn so important ,others will do harm to you .
But this time along with others habits ,only to achieve the other people more caring ,more compassion ,the truth is no self-confidence, never need to rely on someone a little recognition of the day ,it to the poles .
There is no one in the world to read the same a Book of the Bible ,so please do not use the ruler in your heart to judge others ,no one is born to accept the values of another person ,should not be changed by others ,so please don in you can other people ,they think others are cruel to hurt you ,because the world is not you man ,if you think that other people are not as you set the road ,does not mean that he would not you or respect you ,if you feel hurt ,tell you ,you are asking for !Boring plus three level consequences !Rational a bit? Emotional excess called ignorance ,if Everyone in the world like you just listen to emotional words ,then the world will not progress ,but also full of war ,to go down there ,do not admit to ?You go ask Binladen Pepo Bush what is the constellation ,come against me later !Horoscopes often said that cancer people most love ,however ,the great mother, what is that to you? I see my mother fatuous and baby, with your character more like !To my love ,you stupid !Don somewhat really his opponent ,if you fall ,unable to extricate themselves .
When eating, you also condoned, pamper yourself eat like pigs ,also do not feel shameful! It is your forte, little trifles ,you can write it a twenty lifetime, no matter what is it right? Have you apologized ,or had to explain to you clearly, or is simply a little mistakes ,you are not spared any hate opportunities, although you can !In spite of hate !You hate to die in the roadside also nobody listens to you ,you this inferiority and self-pity guys ,remember ,poor people must be hateful ! with Leo applause when oxygen asshole world the worst leaders are you ,because of You are the one and only care about their own happy bastard ,how could become a commander of Army leaders ?Stop dreaming !Just three lifetime !Who says that you can be a star ?So unbelievable lie you also believe ?Really good trick with level three ,and add three class !Anybody can see you just love to show it ,but no matter what they love or not love to see ,want to see it ,there is no empty or mood to see, you are correct according to show ,in addition to accuse you of selfish, arrogant and does not know one ,there is more appropriate to describe ?I know the face is very important to you ,but you have not thought about ,in order to solid face ,Acheter Adidas Jeremy Scott,you will often the others face mercilessly trampled underfoot ,deeply hurt those really nice to people ,is really very muddy !You are a could not understand the words, what do you mean? Because you always only cares about what to say and never understand others ,what to say ,want to express what.
,you are the king of beasts ,only human, inhumanity .But are you advantage ,as always refused to see the truth ,so it is easy to be cheated, by others to manipulate ,but still you happiness within ,because you like that Want the human life speak sugared words ,listen without money ,but also let you tread air ,which is why the old you are dead reason for optimism ,because you have always thought he is the best for you ,ha ha ,I feel sad !You always fall in love ,why ?Because you always will be thrown and never you know the real reason for leaving your partner ,then you have to change the object ,so you will always be in fall in love ,but since that is their own charm lie .
Protests on !It is your rejection of others ,not ?Trust me ,when you love without you, for as soon as possible from the bitter sea ,they will want to enter all the way to cheat you big idiot ,including some very obnoxious behavior ,let you think is to stand him, not to get rid of him, but you wrong ,you already have been designed .
So don pretentious ,things you are not imagine that !Understand ?Remember :try to control others ,constant charged ! very limited outlook. Virgo pathetic criticism is ,benefits no one ,OK ?The world only the psychosis with qualification bellyaching ,OK ?In fact ,Virgo was worthy of sympathy for the people, because there is no sense of security ,But with the mumble to vent ,of course ,also do not have the speech of the virgin, do not think that this is his nature ,it only represents ,first ,he for you ,also can completely trust you ,second ,is he taking baby to protect themselves.
The annoying is ,Sao turns ,also a perfect dead .I know you in fact very want others to treat you as an upright gentlemen treat ,however ,you will not ah ,just a hypocrite !Do you really think you know everything ?What should be cut to pieces to inspection ?Always think others be used to analysis ,very smart ?Tell you ,very limited outlook.
It is your fault ,because there is no one like you I only care about details ,and a lifetime to see .You never get what you want love ,because even if you say repeatedly repeatedly said he loved much ,but in your heart really love that person ,will be scaring you, don scare it was run! You dying to learn ,love is tolerance ,not picky.
A person with a life of peaceful coexistence ,although it is your dream ,but it would only be in your dream ,you it is not possible with other peaceful coexistence A month ,especially for a lifetime! Because of your eyes can only see the shortcomings of others ,any person in front of you are idiot ,no one to do better than you ,that you do ,do you ,you fucking busy bee !Super bad speech ,although you have no evil ,even well-intentioned, but everything through your Chrysostom opened, be rather baffling stands a group of enemies ,you have a real world ,amazing !No like you out others abilities! always imbalance in Libra Libra emphasis is not balanced .
The old want to all people fair ,result is to make everyone feel unfair !What are the results you want to what is otherwise !You have a super metamorphosis pleasant bad habits ,always trying to show others heart good, only to become a super big bad people ,say repeatedly repeatedly said that does not care about other people ,but the performance it is the mind all of you a little advice ,super boring end.
You can hardly alone ,for several reasons :first ,you ,if no water for you ,you will die of thirst ;not caring for others ,your home is a junk yard ,you second !Afraid of loneliness ,do not know a person how to function !You often leads to unnecessary disputes ,affect a lot of originally had no mean to argue with you ,but also not to join a war ,the results could have ended the event of peace ,but because you come out to speak ,resulting in no crazy people crazy ,has crazy people crazy! Sadly ,all also recommend you for heroes ,think you help them gain benefits ,in fact ,you just didn fight with evil ,they find a bunch of people to me !To harm others ,also not take it seriously ,even light big when the union leader ,is really hateful !You everywhere disorderly discharge dirty habits ,it is the first in the world! There ,you can in a B lover lover.
How he coolly virtue ,looked really makes people want to kill you !You really think everyone knows what are you doing ?Just want to prove how serious ,can make others do not condition !But ,this is bad ?It &quot ;shameless ;!Know ?Also is innocent ,people fall in love with you ,so it is not your fault !No shoulder the bad guy! naturally suspicious of Scorpio The poikilotherm in your eyes, others are lower animal ,but you may not know ,in the eyes of others ,you are not even animal !All suspicious of others ,so you ?Tell you ,you were not so great ,nobody is available all day long stories ,just to deceive you !So ,please keep your automatic charge system ,because you are the most toxic and most of the suspected person! Life is to your advantage, selfishness is your tenure, mean you are more features ,like you have no blood no tears for you ,really should be condemned frontier ,the day when water is not drink it ,you may know pity Xifu ,but not repeated criticism ,criticism and criticism !Some people say you have a general wind is !Yeah !Yeah !But you are just a pile of dog flunky, because in addition to be a yes-man to keep a small life ,don there may be no one will stand you die temper ,but will continue to stay in you that I do not know to respect others asshole !By others is also your talent ,where everyone around you, must have its use value, whether to buy lunch ,when the driver ,sweeping, or when the staff Bad idea ,help you ,help you to pay or make money, even without being you scold ,everyone must have a little effect, but sadly ,when these people use value was gone ,they were you kick it !The world like you a dead conscience vicious elements were also do not see more really ,however ,cannot say you vicious ,you might even think it is a kind of praise ,may also be laughing three sound ,is really a heartless liver freak,nikesforce1.com she looked at us 1 monthscommunication computer! You love is so low ,it would find a cross-eyed .
Mark ,ask him to talk to you ?If they don agree, you head do not back away ,as if people only ,no other !Like this only lower animal can do things you can do ,really lost the dead human face ! no Sagittarius spineless runaway King less rib have what good proud ,less stupid OK !A too direct people called stupid good ?Is not always pierce to the heart of the matter you !Didn more haste, less speed.
?these fatal flaw ,usually shooter side are very clear ,only shooter oneself do not know! Because less of a bar ,do not lead to before look Later, always speak promise with no intention of doing ,hurt many intimate friends ,but he is still unaware .
Your best shot is ,when you have a good mess ,but when the first one who ran ,is really the cyclone Peter Pan ,comes from nowhere, not your body where to ,where !Super narcissism, never mirror on your role ?Anyway, as no, because you are a never see their own shortcomings ,thick-skinned to the dead person !When the shooter eyes have a goal, only the world a target ,Adidas with Wings,causing you to fully feel Zhou Zao what happens ,the heavens also has nothing to do with you ,In 123, Forever!Never seen a bad memory ,also regard it as their own advantages ,it proudly hang in the mouth always speak moron ,from Tomoyo ten forgot to turn off the gas .
The nine is Sagittarius is an idiot ;ten children taken out ,forgot to bring diapers and bottles were nine is Sagittarius dumbass ;however ,ten to the airport nine passport ,it is definitely not the shooter ,because go out something like this ,the shooter can never careless !You love it don !Because you have only three seconds Special feeling ability ,see a new like the evil tiger wolf attack, no shame ,and even the old lover say no ,and is swiftly disappear, irresponsible !There ,take it up, but even lying skill nor ,always caught bracts, what Hickey ,tickets ,for his love ,all in the body, is really a who will come to leave traces of the idiot ! Capricorn uninteresting to dead wood as a Capricorn people is very poor ,not only people around you will because you think too dull and leave you ,you can stand to continue this boring life ,but incapable of action to change the situation, really sad !Because Capricorn boring ,so I had to stick in the mud ,a finish line ,but unfortunately, it is also the world largest Capricorn heart people ,so there is often a kind of why people have seen I the most important person to complain ,because they not only dare to think ,but dare not express, so long suppressed down results ,melancholia ,is a pervert! Don !Nobody will sympathize with you ,because you killed this pessimistic ,to old and change , so who also ignored you !Live forever in the achievements of the past with the shadow ,tables ,often see a sign not to say &quot ;like when I had been so bitter ,which you have now have so good life ;&quot ;in &quot ;want at the outset ,I passed much less hard ,how to work on the &quot fame ;the pain itself exaggerated and preserve the ability nobody can the enemy, but is getting more and more serious !I even ,also old love lessons ,lessons are even, also no creativity, always saying the same precepts ,three hundred of the original is killed himself enough, but also on those around you friends ,please, so, you want to live in the pain really you ,but please don you set yourself out of dogma ,ask the innocent man ,OK ?A too boring ,how can there be love ?So ,wait lifetime !Have a look to the old, there is no way you wait until that kind-hearted too good ,would like to stay with you ,but only for your property !Of course ,you still have to thank him ,because after all the money in order to endure life boring also is not easy thing !! to Aquarius you understand human language alien basically ,water Bottle seat live on another planet ,you not the earth ,not the earth !Of course also did not understand what others are saying ,because it has nothing to do with you !Don alias bottle as a freak ,he will be immensely proud ,not himself ,because he is too lazy to this group of mortals ,he would like to be a heterogeneous, nor willing to be a normal person generally look ,so ,when you find a geek ,don doubt ,he must be Aquarius !Be opinionated old genius ,but make a fool of behavior ,bottle life changing forever and career is shameful ,is determined to be a mistress ,toy boy ,is to earn a lot of money and then take the moon walk, or go to live in camps ,starving also never mind ,all this just to follow others .
You like this self-centred bastard ,pays no father and no mother ,show no respect for elders ,not inches spoil the dead child ,how would one day died in a roadside nobody know !You never care about what others think of you ,always want to do their own thing ,so your family very unlucky, is subject to be implicated in trouble ,because when you continually looking for trouble, and refused to admit his mistakes, wipe my ass is always your poor family ,and you are still Keep out of the affair ,a pair of NIMBY dead face! Love is brought to mankind, not to treat you ,OK ?You even cry die also cannot change your heart fact ,but the hateful, flower is spent ,also named as fraternity ,listened to know how !Even think others cry die deserve, &quot ;who called his own love ,I didn make his !&quot ;like this without conscience would only bottle like that! Even feel great ,give love a chance to grow ,when the incident.
,forget myself hurt ,also dare to contact others ,since that was his lifelong friend !Is really a standard bastard! no longer Pisces brain rare animal super idealism and realism of the complex, if you are romantic ,really insulted the romantic two words! Because of your romantic only in your head with your watery eyes box ,never practiced ,because you have no ability .
So you only fantasy ,not qualified to say romantic !But strange is ,you and surreal ,with others is the money when you can not ambiguous ,that figure .,also called the people to see Lifelong and unforgettable !World if there is an award called moral award R ,you must be the first prize recipient ,because you have no virtue education ,so in your body ,in addition to the dark side of human nature ,the other is invisible ,what drug ,alcohol ,passion .
,anyone with a scandal about things, mostly with you enough ,it is admirable !Dominated sentiment in your whole life ,it is sadly ,because you also learn how not to use a little reason to help you a miserable life ,to die of old age, but also think that your home a broken washing machine ,just to tell you to do ,just didn you to wash the clothes !Mad to such a degree ,even three years old kid will be because of your ignorance ,feel sorry for you !Because emotions and ignorance ,lead your life complete control in the hands of others ,others will not know which words have been offended you what a nerve ,but also never mind the boring part ,because of you ,just finished an oath that he will never ignore a while before long ,he immediately forgave the cursed people just to be with you ,oh !This split personality ,only your own stand! You anthomaniac ,sentimentality add three grade !Forever with a ?N Not clear attitude ,treat all people around ,as long as the people do not let go ,sometimes even people you can discharge ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Teddy Bear,no principles deal with the feelings of this file ,and so on .
You cry ,tears offensive that can solve all ,wait for the lover couldn leave you, you also want to find monk ,by some strange means to recall the love ,really state !Thought in the

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To borrow an ox put

Through a bay, on the road is a piece of ground peanuts, way below is a meadow. Go back to the Bay Hill Road, only half a piece of ground peanuts, road outside only half grass. Peanuts in a middle-aged couple was squatting in the peanut pulling, a head of cattle young grass are eating grass.
Looking at the top couple underneath the cow, how does not step down, stood up, looked for a moment, husband and wife edge peanut pulling edge grumbled, I do not know what is in this strange people see them pull peanuts or want some pluck them really bad opening peanut.
Ah. The focus to look down up cattle grazing. Actually, I want to borrow this cow on. How can I say this thing? The strong ox, was pulling a cart up to the mountain, later it will pull a cart peanut back, now owners only peanut pulling, didn't it, it will take one's ease, heart and soul eating this grass, its nose to tie a long rope, a head is firmly tied to a strong grassroots, make it reach the edge of the field of corn forest.
All being arranged a compromise properly when, how would I do that to the Lord, I will putThis cow? If the cow tied to no grass place, if cattle without rope, at any time will run in the past to eat crops, I would have reason to say,http://www.adidaswingsfr.com/, I am come to help put a moment, can not say they will appreciate me, but now say that they will, woe is me.
I can't open my mouth from time to time, but with the back block incoming forecast look, look, listen to see cattle grazing cattle graze sound. I Mai Bukai steps. Cattle with its white and incisors, put a pinch of snapped off weeds, grass stubble immediately sends out the weeds aromatic, the aroma of rich the taste of childhood.
Niu Chicao looks very dedicated, like hungry people get a bowl of delicious food, receive readily, raise head swallow chewing grass. It sounds very nice,Adidas Jeremy Scott Teddy Bear,Adidas Mickey Mouse oh, like people chew very sweet vegetables. Cattle on grass against study voice is the most beautiful, stomach growling been ringing, digestion is good.
The Niu Tiantian labor day, slave, cattle are the most frequently the most tired animal, so God let the cow has a good appetite, let it eat sleep soundly. My teeth than its benefit, I can bite meat, but chewing out its pleasant sound.
I eat more than it is good,Adidas Wings, but often tasteless. I eat than it was fine, but my intestines are often reluctant to work. Only now that I'm no stem and has to do slave labor, so the stomach also changed.
At the cattle eat grass like cattle grazing, listen voice, my Mai Bukai steps. Step on the footsteps of the greater reason is, in the fragrant grass, I saw a large wildflower grass slopes, grassy slopes backs on to a high mountain, facing the blue sky and white clouds, facing the river, facing the wind, the bees, in the butterfly, brush brush grass are over a row of green wave, wow flowers take a palm.
It all just to see is a all these silly little girl, and the girl side head grazing small cattle. This used to be a master of art life of a solitary painting, be above, I took great blessing once had,Adidas with Wings, but I lost it, since lost this painting,www.nikeairfoamposite1.com &quot, there is unlimited loss and regret.
This loss and regret in each see cattle grazing time,Adidas Bones we can really help you achieve all, will be slightly offset a little, but with even more loss and regret. " bovine and human is one of the most emotional." it was whoThat? Oh, is a road which peanut pulling wife said, she spoke, see me imperceptibly to pull the rope tied to cattle, I hurried identity nodded, see I like her cattle, she began to talk, saying her cattle more obedient how good how hard,Jeremy Scott Adidas Wings, to understand human language and so on.
I took the opportunity to say, I can hold your cattle grazing for a while? She ha laughed and said: " you want to put my cattle, although go. I heard this word, heart filled with gratitude and jo

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The recent weather in Beijing has been very boring. There is rain,Adidas Bones, the tide, the corridor also has a tidal stuff tastes mouldy. Feel the resurgence weather in spring in southern China. Some things are boring, feel not know what course to take.
I want to die,nike zoom kobe 6, I just wondered for a long time do not know well what die decent natural selection. Probably the most decent, but natural, have many years. Recently,Nike Air Foamposite Pro As a full-time blogger, to dream, to jump off building. No fell to the ground, the air just scared.
That's funny. Want to change a job, but want to rest for a while at home. But this does not have economic origin. People or is hard to be bothersome ~ want to get married, with just the right not early nor late.
To stable after a few days,Jeremy Scott Adidas Wings &quot index,http://nikeairfoamposite1.com/, so do not want hanging can not see the future. But for him the marriage age probably earlier, alas,Adidas Jeremy Scott,Money is not the key to decide whether you are rich or poor standards, looking for a boyfriend or not look for a similar age. This whole life seems to be no chance of achieving my test out the truth,Air Foamposite 1, the next gerneration also should not remember these.

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